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Rates & Fees
 Daily Rates
Regular fees per person:
Tax Included.
9 holes
18 holes
Cart per rider
Discount fees for juniors/seniors:
Monday-Friday until noon
9 holes
18 holes
Cart per rider
 Other Rentals
 Season Passes
 Where can I store my golf car?
 Can I use my own golf car?
Golf Club rentals:
   Men's and Women's clubs available in right or left-handed sets: $7.00
   Children's' clubs: only $5.00
Pull cart rentals: $2.00.
Click here for the Season Pass application.

Family: consists of one adult or a married couple plus dependants who are 21 years or younger and
all living in the same household.
Couple:is any two persons in the same family and living in the same household.
Junior: is someone who is 18 years old or younger on March 1st of the current year.
Senior: is a person who is 60 years old or older on March 1st of the current golf season.
Rustic Ridge is one of the few courses where you can use your own golf car. The trail fee for your own cart
is $350.00 for the season. Only those listed on your season pass may use the car at Rustic Ridge.

If two or more singles on separate memberships own a car jointly, each may deduct $50.00 from his/her trail fee.
We can also store your golf car (space permitting). The storage fee for the whole year is $240 if you have a gas car, or
it's $300.00 if you have an electric car with a charger. If you are storing for the first time, call to see if there is space.
We do not raise our fees on weekends.
We do not add sales tax. It is included!

When comparing prices, keep in mind that all the land at Rustic Ridge is fully mowed for your golfing pleasure. You will lose fewer balls and save money (not to mention strokes) because your expensive balls will never be lost in woods or wild grass, or excessive water hazards. You may have a few trees to contend with, but you will probably find your ball and you will probably be able to play it where it lies. We are all about a fun, fair round of golf. SO ENJOY!
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